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Chi-Hyuck Jun

Chi-Hyuck Jun, Ph.D

Department of Industrial & Management Engineering, POSTECH
77, Cheongam-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang, Gyeongbuk, Korea, 790-784

Office: +82-54-279-2197 / Fax: +84-54-279-2870

1977: B.S., Dept. of Mineral & Petroleum Eng., Seoul National Univ
1979: M.S., Dept of Industrial Eng., KAIST
1986: Ph.D., Dept- of Industrial Eng. & Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley

Professional Experience
1979-1982: Researcher, Korea Energy Research Institute
1984-1987: Research Associate, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
1987-1992: Assistant Professor, POSTECH
1990: Visiting Professor, UC Berkeley
1993-1999: Department Head, POSTECH
2004-2007: Editor, International Journal of Management Science
2007: Visiting Professor, University of Washington, Seattle
2000-present: Professor, POSTECH

Areas of Interest
Applied Statistics: Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, Quality Engineering, Structural Equation Model
Informatics: Data Mining, Chemometrics, Bioinformatics
Probability Modeling: Performance Analysis, System Reliability


Teaching Courses
IMEN 242: 실험계획개론 (Introduction to Experimental Design)
IMEN 472: 통계적 데이터마이닝 (Statistical Data Mining)
IMEN 677: 시계열분석 (Time-Series Analysis)

Other Positions
Director, Probability and Statistics Analysis (PASTA) Lab.
Managing Editor, Industrial Engineering & Management Systems, APIEMS / KIIE
Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Mastership
주임교수, PAMTIP
Participating Professor, Pohang Mathematics Institute at POSTECH
Editorial Board Member, Pakistan Journal of Statistics
Board Member, APIEMS (Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Society)
Board Member, KIIE (대한산업공학회)